Its Just about luck!


Camera is my best friend and I’m always thinking that I am a good photographer and stuff but what I realized yesterday is that Photography is more about luck!! This photograph is the best example for proving you that luck is photography’s best friend.

My friend Aytida and me used just went into this museum and for the first time I had l put my friends telephoto lens onto my camera which he changed thinking it wouldn’t be useful indoors where things are pretty close to you!! I have no idea why I took it from him and mounted it on my camera and at one point I find this kid standing against the railing and observing a science experiment with curiosity and amazement and I was on the other side of the railing and good god, if not for the telephoto lens I could not have got this shot and if I had my usual lens I should have moved close to the kid and might even miss the shot!! So friends thus the point!! id you want to see the colored copy of this pic please visit


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